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Embroidery Digitizing Pro Tricks

3 Useful Tips to Enhance Digitizing For Embroidery Designs

Different aspects are involved in the digitizing for embroidery designs and when they combine it makes a great impact on the overall quality of design. If you want that embroidered products should be of great quality then the embroidery digitizing has to be perfect including the supplies during the production procedure. A stitch file is known to be the central part of the embroidery machine. If it's not there you cannot get your desired results.

Here are some useful techniques and tips for digitizers working in embroidery digitizing agency to master digitizing for embroidery designs.


It is a technique that is used to add depth in the embroidered designs. It makes a valuable addition in it through a new dimension. In layering, you should only digitize for those elements that are present in the background of the plane. It helps you in the layering of front details and to create a comprehensive 3-D design.

Stitch Density

Whether it is vector art services or digitizing for embroidery designs, stitch density is one of the major components that is usually ignored by the digitizers. Mostly digitizers put default values in the digitizing software and don’t care much about it. Such ignored factors have a huge impact on the comfort of wearers’ and stabilizer use.

embroidery digitizing stitches density

If you want a perfect design then stitch count should exactly be what is required. You cannot master the art of optimized stitch count overnight. You need to adjust according to the different fabric needs. You should be more considerate for the stitch count when you are digitizing for embroidery designs. By doing this, you will gain an understanding that what is suitable in which circumstances.

Text is Really Important

The most important thing is a clean text in digitizing. For most of the customers, clear lettering matters most than any other component of the design. The smallest glitch in the text can ruin the whole look of design that is why it is important to get your lettering perfectly fine.