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Our Journey To Reach ‘Power Digitizing’

Creativity is a gift bestowed upon us by God, but we restricted it to hobbies

Following the crowd mentality, we went to college got a degree and landed a job. It wasn't just a job, once it was our dream job, but working their every single day made us realize this wasn't our dream; instead it was a trap. Soon, we found ourselves suffocating; running by the mill was just killing our vibe. Honestly, in those days the time we spent at expressing through art was moving.

One fine day it just dawned upon us, that we can turn our love for art, combined with our knowledge of technology into a thriving business. And this was the real dream job for us. Consequently, we started Power Digitizing, a small company and since that day we never looked back. It takes up more time and work, but it's definitely more rewarding!


Best Offer Services


Embroidery Digitizing

Power Digitizing offers top-notch custom embroidery digitizing services with manual design punching for precision and attention to detail. Our skilled team caters to various industries, preserving the original essence of each design.


Vector Artwork Conversions

Experience our cutting-edge raster to vector art conversion services, delivering the utmost quality vector art files. Our skilled vector artists enhance your images, ensuring sharper, crisper, and more precise results.


Custom Patches

Explore our diverse custom patch options, encompassing embroidery, PVC, chenille, leather, and sublimation patches. Our creative team collaborates closely with you, ensuring your patches perfectly align with your unique needs and preferences.

Power Digitizings

Mission & Vision

Power Digitizing: Making Quality Embroidery Digitizing, Vector Artwork Conversions, and Custom Patches Accessible to All Our vision at Power Digitizing is to create a world where businesses, organizations, and individuals can easily access top-notch embroidery digitizing, vector artwork conversions, and custom patches products. As a leading provider of these services, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality, innovation, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of high-quality products, regardless of their location or background.

Empowering Clients with Exceptional Embroidery Digitizing, Vector Artwork Conversions, and Custom Patches At our core, we are driven by a mission to deliver unparalleled excellence in embroidery digitizing, vector artwork conversions, and custom patches products that cater to the distinct requirements and preferences of our valued clients. With a deep-rooted passion for our craft, we strive to create a positive impact not only on our clients but also within the industry as a whole. Our unwavering dedication ensures that we consistently exceed expectations and provide solutions that truly empower our clients.


Users Feedback

"Your consistent excellence and prompt resolution of occasional stitching gaps are greatly appreciated, instilling confidence in your expertise. Thank you for your ongoing dedication."

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Monty S.

"I'm deeply impressed by Power Digitizing's adept conversion of my raster image into a top-quality vector file, and their remarkably swift turnaround time."

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Steve V.

"Power Digitizing's exceptional custom embroidery and PVC patches exceed expectations. Their attention to detail, timely delivery, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a top choice. Highly recommended!"

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With an exceptionally talented and imaginative team, they consistently showcase their creativity, skill, and unwavering dedication to collaborating with me in order to achieve the ideal design.

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