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Our Journey To Reach ‘Power Digitizing’

Creativity is a gift bestowed upon us by God, but we restricted it to hobbies. Following the crowd mentality, we went to college got a degree and landed a job. It wasn’t just a job, once it was our dream job, but working their every single day made us realize this wasn’t our dream; instead it was a trap. Soon, we found ourselves suffocating; running by the mill was just killing our vibe. Honestly, in those days the time we spent at expressing through art was moving us.

One fine day it just dawned upon us, that we can turn our love for art, combined with our knowledge of technology into a thriving business. And this was the real dream job for us. Consequently, we started Power Digitizing, a small company and since that day we never looked back. It takes up more time and work, but it's definitely more rewarding!

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Our Team

We have a large team of highly skilled professional digitizers, designers, embroidery machine operators & managers with innovative & creative skills which distinct us from other companies in the market.

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Embroidery Digitizers Team

We translate your idea, drawing or photograph into a digital file, that readable by an embroidery machine and Viola! You have a digital copy that can produce a large quantity of your company's logo or patterns on any material of your choice in a short time and with greater accuracy as machines are free of human error.

Vector art is another service that we provide at Power Digitizing. The whole idea of vector art is to convert an image file into a brighter and crispier version. The conversion can be from Raster to vector or from any drawing to vector, we provide the service of image redraw and creating logo vectors.

We Are Here To Help You with Your Embroidery Needs !!

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